A cookie is a small piece of data sent from web sites you visit and stored in your web browser. The EU Cookie Directive states that, with some exceptions, web sites must not now create and set such cookies without your explicit permission first. In the spirit of working towards compliance we would like you to know the following.

Our web publishing software predates the EU Cookie Law and sets several cookies in your browser as part of its default behaviour. No information that identifies you personally is collected. The names and functions of these cookies are as follows:

1st party cookies


This cookie records the date and time of your last visit, which will be today. Although it is set for all visitors it only supports functions for registered users. It will expire automatically in a year.


This cookie records the date and time of your last visit to our site prior to today. If this is your first visit, the date and time set will be as per exp_last_visit. It will expire automatically in a year.


This cookie is more benign than it sounds. It merely records up to the last 5 pages you have visited on our site so that page redirection can be handled where appropriate. It will expire automatically when you quit your browser.

3rd party cookies


This cookie is used by the Addthis social media bookmarking service to update the "share count" if the user has shared a page (eg with Facebook or Twitter). [link]

In addition to the above, our use of Google Analytics sets the following cookies:


See Google’s explanation of how these are used.

If you wish to discuss this issue further, please contact us.

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