Become a trader

The Market manager is available to meet you between 11am and 12pm every day from Thursday through to Sunday at the Greenwich Hospital Estate office located at 5b Greenwich Market.

All FOOD STALLS enquiries MUST email us a menu and photos along with copies of public liability and any other relevant information prior to an appointment.

All JEWELLERY STALLS enquiries MUST email the images of their products prior to an appointment.

The rest of the stalls do not need to book an appointment and there is no need to fill in any forms. 

There is no need to bring any samples of your product for the initial meeting.

The Manager will decide if there is a place for you to trade and all traders are invited for a trial day where your stall will be assessed. There are no upfront charges.

Creative and Ethical Priority System

Following the initial meeting with the Market manager, you may be invited back for a day’s trade where your stall will be assessed through exhibition. The assessment will be in accordance with the Creative and Ethical Priority System, where the Market manager vets your goods, display and ambience created by your stall. Most importantly you will be assessed on the creative input into your product. UK designers/ makers and small creative businesses supporting ethical trade are rated most highly.

What we are looking for

Customers visit Greenwich Market because they are looking for something that can’t be found elsewhere. That something special might be a gift, meal or experience that is close to being unique and not widely available. The Creative Priority System is used for all stall allocations and is applied to casual traders through a grading system. Grades are used as a means of measuring and illustrating a trader's position in the allocation process. Grades ranging from 1 (highest priority) to 5 (lowest priority) are issued by the Market Manager following initial exhibition. All traders are provided with the information necessary to improve their grade and assessment is constantly reviewed and grades will be changed if sufficient improvement is made. The Market Manager will not accept any new imported jewellery traders onto the market.

All food stalls enquiries MUST email us a menu and photos along with copies of public liability and any other relevant information prior to an appointment.
All jewellery stalls enquiries MUST email the images of their products prior to an appointment.

Royal Greenwich Toys Safety Regulations

Royal Greenwich Cosmetics Products Enforcement Regulations

Stall Assessment

At your initial exhibition the Market Manager will be looking for:

  • Uniqueness of product
  • Creative input into product
  • An informative, creative and original display
  • Ethical sourcing/manufacturing process (e.g. recycled products, fair trade)
  • Customer education (information on the products visually and verbally available to customers)
  • Interaction of stall and stallholder with Greenwich Market and the public
  • Informed salesmanship (full knowledge of the processes involved in bringing the product to market)

Negative factors in assessment are:

  • Lack of creative input into product and display
  • Limited stock
  • Imported/wholesale products
  • Common product type

Please note that Greenwich Market does not offer exclusivity to any traders on the market but the Market manager will consider matters such as quality control and clash of stock when deciding whether to offer a new trader the opportunity to trade on a casual basis following the assessment.

Casual stall places are only ever offered after a one on one exhibition has taken place.
Required equipment and materials for trade

Greenwich Market provides:

  • A metal stall structure 7 feet wide x 7 feet high x 5 feet deep
  • A wooden table top that is between 3 and 3 1/2 feet deep - the table can be moved from the front to back of the stall or can be taken out altogether
  • A power point is available to each stall

Traders must bring:

  • Their own lighting and must have a (10m +) extension lead which is fitted with a 3 amp fuse
  • All leads and appliances must be new and PAT tested, (all reputable shops sell PAT tested leads). Power is limited to 100 Watts per stall, so please use low energy or eco bulbs
  • All stalls must display their business name and a written information about the product
  • All food stalls enquiries must email us a menu and photos along with copies of public liability and any other relevant information prior to an appointment.

Regular stalls

Regularity is not obtained by time served on the market but by frequency of trading. 


All stall prices are inclusive of VAT. 


Tuesday - £10 per day
Wednesday - £10

Thursday - £15 per day
Friday - £15 per day

Saturday - £50 per day 
Sunday - £50 per day 

Cold and hot food stalls Thursday - Friday £25

Hot food traders pay £65 per day Saturday/Sunday
Cold food /fresh produce £50 per day Saturday/Sunday

There are also options to store products and separate charges apply for this service.

Familiarisation with the market

Once you are successful in your application, all of your questions about facilities, setting up times, storage can be answered by the Market manager. Please email

Trader application form

Thank you for your interest in Greenwich Market. In order to trade on Greenwich Market you must hold continuous Public liability Insurance for an amount of no less than £5,000,000.


Please note that any information you supply us, either verbally or in writing, may be shared with enforcement agencies, including Trading Standards in order for them to carry out their statutory duties and other relevant functions.

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