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A New Discovery: Richardson & Richardson at Greenwich Market

It's been a while since I did a post where I divulge the fruits of my travels has it not?

Well for those of you who haven’t got the foggiest about what i’m prattling on about, when I first began my blog 3 years ago what I loved to write about the most was feature posts about crafters and artists that I would uncover in my local market or craft fairs. Be they make jewellery, interiors, gifts, clothes or food, I always fancied myself a bit of an explorer and I took it upon myself to search for new gems to help make the world of style accessible to those who might not be able to access it as easily due to sight loss or any other disability.

But, as I previously mention the old Fashioneyesta is back in the game and she has been out all guns blazing to bring you the best that the British crafters and designers have to offer. I really wanted to look for new, contemporary and unique brands that offer individual things for people to incorporate into their wardrobe for the upcoming Autumn season and hey guess what…I found one!

So, the gem in question that I wanted to dish the scoop on today is a new designer I found in Greenwich Market who goes by the name of Richardson and Richardson. The designer crafts quirky jewellery via the method of laser cutting into different designs based on animals, hobbies, space, interests, nature and ore. But they also offer party pies like tree decorations and hand made cards carved out of wood into tactile, 2d designs like trees, baby prams and hearts (depending on what the occasion is.)

The company is run by two people a mother and a daughter team based out in Kent who started this venture after many years of creating pieces for friends and family. After a while they decided to branch out and begin to sell to the public and boy am I glad they did!..'


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