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South Africa - the Art of a Nation visits SE10

The British Museum is currently hosting the first major UK exhibition on South African art that explores a 100,000 history through archaeological, historic and contemporary artworks - looking at the long and rich artistic heritage of the country.
The exhibition sheds light on the varied artistic achievements of South Africa with around 200 objects from ancient history to the present day.
One of the main features is the Esther Mahlangu’s Ndebele-style painted BMW Car - The unique Ndebele art style is a popular form of decoration and celebration of life events across South Africa.

“Not everybody will be able to see the Ndebele painting in Mpumalanga where I live, and I felt I need to take it to them to see.” Esther Mahlangu

On Saturday 21 January Impact Ideas brought a wooden 2D Ndebele inspired car to Greenwich Market and visitors helped us to colour it in traditional colours as well as designing their very own patterns - while learning more about this style of art and other features of the South African exhibition. Crafty stuff!

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