Stu MacKay Fine Art

Stu MacKay Fine Art - presents Fine Art imagery from the inspirational world of visual creative Stu MacKay.

Visit this Portable Art Gallery in Greenwich Market, where not only does the Greenwich Artist in Residence demonstrates his fine art ability (working with acrylic paint on canvas) to the passing audience, but can also offer a variety of fine art prints including mounts, frames and canvases of his visual creations.

Stu MacKay, an International renowned Visual Creative who infuses fine art painting with an innovative graphic design. An artist who draws reference and knowledge of his background and experience, which is what makes him who he is today. After having a six-year art education, studying all forms of art and design and specialising in Fine Art and finally a BA(Hons) in Interactive Arts. He has spent a course of ten years mastering his knowledge of painting though studying and reproducing some of the finest paintings from the Victorian era. His understanding of Graphic Design was gained in the media industry, whilst working his way up the ranks of publishing creating artwork, design and layouts for magazines, comics and fan-clubs on the top Science-Fiction films and television series of all time.

Since 2009, his focus has been on creating a visual portfolio of iconic Fine Art Paintings, which have become internationally renown through the sales of the artwork and the bespoke commissions he undertakes.

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Greenwich Market
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